Kathryn Berman is a dedicated and passionate educator with a strong commitment to nurturing children’s growth into independent and self-motivated students. They prioritize building strong relationships with both students and parents and pride themselves on tailoring their approach to meet each student’s individual needs. Mrs. Berman’s specialties include leadership roles, the development of Individual Student Success Plans, collaborative teamwork, curriculum expertise, and teaching special needs students, such as those with autism, specific learning disabilities, and ADHD. She also has experience as a supervisor for new educators.

In terms of professional experience, Mrs. Berman is currently employed as a Resource Teacher and Teacher Coach at The School District of Palm Beach County since July 2021, where they continue to excel in their role. She also serves as a Business Partner at AskLearnGo, contributing to the company’s daily operations and demonstrating skills in project management, business development, and working with children.

Before her current position, she held an esteemed 26-year tenure as an educator in Broward County Schools, where she specialized in teaching primary grades. Their skill set encompasses teaching English as a Second Language, data-driven instruction, interpersonal skills, staff development, and various aspects of educational management.

In summary, Mrs. Berman’s skills showcase an educator with a deep passion for teaching and a strong history of success in various educational roles. She possesses a diverse skill set, including leadership, curriculum development, and specialized teaching, making her a valuable asset to any educational institution.

Alexander Minevich is a dedicated occupational therapist with extensive experience in both pediatric and geriatric care. Currently employed at Broward County Public Schools, he has been providing evaluation and treatment services to school-age children for over nine years. His commitment to improving the well-being of individuals extends to his work as an Occupational Therapist for Home Health, where he has been helping adults and seniors with rehabilitation for almost two decades.  

Alexander Minevich’s educational journey is marked by academic excellence. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from York University. Furthermore, he earned a Master of Arts in Cognitive and Clinical Psychology from the University of Toronto, showcasing his dedication to expanding his knowledge in the field.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Alexander is an active advocate for safety and well-being in the community. He leads projects such as “Senior Safety & Fall Prevention” which aim to provide comprehensive safety education and developmental screening. Notably, he is passionate about teaching children how to ride bicycles through his project “Bicycle Safety and Riding Lessons.” Collaborating with organizations like Walmart and FDOT, this initiative not only promotes physical activity but also identifies children who may benefit from expert guidance in various aspects of life. Alexander Minevich’s commitment to both his profession and community reflects his dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals across the lifespan.