Wow! what can i say? I can say this was by far one of the best bike learning experience that anyone could possibly take. I came in to this course with a lot of knowledge for I have grown up around them my whole entire life and with that being said, the instructors were still able to instill knowledge that even i didn't know, not only were they able to do that for me but the whole entire class. Day one there was people out there with no riding experience at all about an hour into being on the motorcycle these coaches were able to teach us in a fun positive way how to balance safely and everybody including the no experience riders were riding day one i highly recommend this course you will be very pleased.
Jamie S.
Satisfied Customer​
My wife and I just finished our riding class and we would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn how to ride a bicycle. We can not say enough good things about our instructor. He not only educated us on riding safely but made learning fun. He will give you exact instructions and take the time to correct any issues you might have. Thanks again!
Mark A.
Satisfied Customer​
It was a great course! I went from never even touching a bicycle to being able to ride one in 2 days. The coaches were very professional, great at teaching, and very helpful throughout the class. Safety was number one priority and everything was met beyond my expectations. Would recommend beginning riders to do this course for the experience.
Manuela K.
Satisfied Customer​